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"The Evergreens of Chef Marc; Starters"


**Lobster Bisque Soup: with his Meat Garnitures and perfumed with Cognac Remy-Martin at your Table: 820
**Hokkaido King Scallops of Wild caught: pan fried, served with Pumpkin Butter Sauce, Black Truffle Paste on Pommes: 750
**Canadian Lobster-Cocktail: with Black label Whisky-Cocktail sauce, Green Apple, Mango, Tomato and Cucumber: 1,195


"The Surprises Menu"


A Creative Startercomposed by chef Marc
**A Main Dish with Seasonal Vegetables and Garnitures
**Sweet Surprise Dessert or Exclusive Cheeses of Chiangrai &.&.&.

Net Price: 1,995Tb incl. Chef’s Welcome Plate and Bonbons.


"New Creation of the Chef"


**“The Royale Nam Tok Salade”: Lobster, Duck Liver Terrine , Smoked Duck Breast in Mixed Salad with Decorations: 1,050
**Salad with duo of Smoked- andTartar of Salmon: with Garden Herbs and Dressing of Horse Radish: 650
**Home Made Duck Liver Terrine: served with the Chef’s Chutney of Passion Fruits, Onion and dried Apricots:
**Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops: Herbal-Tomato Salsa and grated Cheese Tomme de Changrai and Home dried Onion: 700
**Canadian Lobster Stew: served in Asian flavored bouillon: 950
*New: Chef Marc’s “Black Garlic”: Clove of Garlic during 2weeks fermented, very unique flavor, no garlic taste!! >


"Meat Dishes"


"Unique  and Specialty of the House"

Ironed Beef Tenderloin: Black Angus Beef Ironed with Herbs crust at your table,Vegetables of The Royal Thai Project, Home Made Papaya Seeds-Mustard Sauce : 1,590
*Rabbit Stew “Grand Mother’s Pot-au-Feu”: in White Wine Sauce with 2 Mustards and Tarragon: 925
* Angus Beef Tartar "Prepared at your Table", Mixed Salad, Home Made Mayonnaise, Belgian Potato Frites or Toast: 1,150
* Flamed with Cognac: 1,400   *with Black Truffle paste: 1,400
*Duck Breast-filet,: “BLACK GARLIC”; Red Wine Sauce:950*Tenderloin of Lamb: Tomato Thyme Sauce ,Garnitures: 1,100


"Fish /Lobster Dishes"


*Canadian Lobster Armoricaine: Lobster (out of Shell) in classic Bisque Sauce: ½ 1,600 / 1pc; 2750Tb
*Local fish catch of the day: with ”BLACK GARLIC”: filet pan fried, Vegetables and Sauce made of Soup Meat: 950
*Scandinavian Salmon in Paper Bag “Papilotte”: Herbs, Thai Garlic, Ginger and Vegetables, Carrots Mash with Thyme: 885
*Stew of Fish and Lobster: served in Bouillon with Asian Perfumes and Carrots mash: 1,050

Net Prices, including all taxes!!


’The Desserts a la Carte"


*Cheese Wagon, Exclusive for Phuket: “Chiangrai Cheeses” and the Chef’s Fruits Chutney and garnitures
* "“La Dame Blanche/White Lady”":Chef’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Belgian Dark, warm Chocolate Sauce: 400
*Sabaglione: perfumed with liquor Passion Fruit and Vanilla Ice cream, Prepared on your Table: 450
*Gingerbread baked in the oven with Cheese and Green Apple, “Perfect Marriage of Sweet, Salt and Sour”: 400
*Dark, Belgian Chocolate Lava/Souffle,warm baked in the Oven, Orange Suzette-Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream: 500
*Slice of Home Made Ice Cream Terrine of Speculoos /Caramel/Cinnamon Cookies, Arabica Sauce: 300

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